Creating an alien landscape


Once again I created a terrain object and entered the terrain editor to make changes to the object. By choosing the darkest colour in the paint palette I created a blank canvas upon which I could set about creating my design.

By setting the brush size small I then proceeded to paint some odd shapes on the canvas which I could use as unusual rock formations within the alien planet landscape.

You can create as many different shapes as you like, but in this case I didn't need to because you can often just as easily duplicate them and resize, rotate and stretch them into various shapes then strategically place them into the landscape where suitable.

Alien rocks in landscape

The ‘Granite Eroded’ preset from the rocks & stones material library was chosen for the desired texture.

As well as the rock formations a couple of organic looking growths were also added into the scene using stretched sphere primitives. The standard Bryce preset ‘petrified barnacles’ was applied for the texture, but here again, you can choose an alternative material if you prefer.

One thing to bear in mind is that some materials take longer to render than others. Glassy, ice structures with reflective or semi transparent surfaces in particular can increase render times. Some of the 'gassy' style presets which are good for using on planets can also have long rendering times.

For your own version of the landscape you can experiment with different compositions and various presets to see what works best for you.

Remember also that playing around with the different sky options can also vastly change the appearance of the final image.

It's always fun to experiment and you can often come up with new ideas that can be used in other designs.

Take notes of which materials work best and use screen grabs for reference or save different designs as templates with a matching image filename. This can save time and be very useful when looking for new ideas for inspiration or reference, rather than relying on memory.

Alien landscape artwork

Once the arachnid creature and the all-terrain vehicle model was added to the scene a ‘quick render’ was made at 1:50 scale to check everything was ok and then a final render at 1:1 completed the work in Bryce.

After saving the template and a bitmap image, the picture was then opened in Photoshop for a few minor touch-ups to complete the project.

The final design can be seen here.

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