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3D Art Gallery
Most of the pictures in the gallery were designed by myself but Iím happy to display the work of others if you contact me
first and let me know more about your work and what programs you used to create it.

Articles & tutorials
Finding inspiration
Beginner tutorial
Alien landscapes
Futuristic cities
Designing Armageddon

Software I use to create art

  • Bryce
  • Vue dí Esprit
  • Lightwave
  • Adobe Photoshop

Buying software
Some of the software I use can be bought at a discount price at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Bryce 3D software
The latest version of Bryce is available to buy online direct from www.daz3d.com

Find more sf artwork at


Some of the members gallery pictures - created in Bryce with models from 3D Space models


More pictures

3D art gallery sci-fi & fantasy


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Sf & fantasy art books

Thereís a lot of good books in publication on the subject of sci-fi and fantasy art. Some of which will help you with your art techniques and give you some good ideas on what to draw.

 Recommended books

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