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Tutorial 3
‘Designing Armageddon’

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Designing Armageddon

Software I use to create art

  • Bryce
  • Vue d’ Esprit
  • Lightwave
  • Adobe Photoshop

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Some of the software I use can be bought at a discount price at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Bryce 3D software
The latest version of Bryce is available to buy online direct from www.daz3d.com


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Designing ‘Armageddon’

The idea for this picture was simple. A spacecraft fleeing from the impending doom of the occupants’ home planet about to be wiped out by a huge asteroid.

Only one model was used for this picture. The rest was made up from primitives found in Bryce’s ‘create palette. The spacecraft model is the ‘J-fighter’ which is included in the Spacejetters 3D model collection.

meteor strike

The planet and asteroid are sphere pimitives with materials applied and tweaked in the ‘materials lab’ to get the right coloring and effects.

The first step in the creation and composition of this picture was to set up the two main sphere primitives which would represent the planet and the asteroid.

The planet sphere was resized and had the standard Bryce material ‘Weather map’ assigned to it. This can be found in the ‘Complex fx’ presets library.

For the asteroid the preset ‘Luna’ was applied, which can also be found in the ‘Complex fx’ library.

To create the fiery tail of the asteroid another sphere was created and stretched into an elongated spherical shape. The material applied to this is called ‘Plasma fire’  If you download the template for this

picture you’ll find it included and it can be saved to your user library.

Fig.1 shows some of the fx presets I use which can easily be added to your materials library by using the ‘import’ option.

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Fig. 1

bryce materials


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