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3D Tutorials
Here are some simple tutorials to help you get familiar with using Bryce 3D software to create your first sci-fi / fantasy pictures using the Spacejetters 3D models and templates.

Articles & tutorials
Finding inspiration
Beginner tutorial
Alien landscapes
Futuristic cities
Designing Armageddon

Free 3D models
If youíre a regular visitor to the site and youíve followed some of our tutorials, then you know what itís all about. To get the latest free 3D space model downloads click here

3d Art galleries
Check out some of the sci-fi artwork produced using Bryce and some of our 3D models
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The advantage of using our *Bryce 3D templates is that the models featured in each template come complete with custom made materials assigned to each 3D model. With Bryce, the materials can easily be changed, saved or copied for use on other models in the same scene, or even entirely new designs.

You can use the templates to simply render the finished scene (see example below) or you can move objects around and change the composition, change the lighting, sky palette, or any of the models and applied materials included with each template. You can also import new models and saved models into new scenes and build up a library of materials, as most of the materials we provide are custom made.

The following templates and others like them are available to members of 3D Space Models
*Bryce rendering software required - free version available and to new members


This template features models used in the tutorial for creating Alien landscapes.

Models included: Arachnid, allterrain vehicle, landscape rocks


This template features models used in the beginner tutorial for creating Futuristic cities and using forced perspective to create dynamic scenes.

Models included: Robot, recon-ship, bryce primitives


Our beginner tutorial, can be re-created by downloading the material presets and the models from the spaceships and buildings model download pages.


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spaceship taking off

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