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Software I use to create art

  • Bryce
  • Vue dí Esprit
  • Lightwave
  • Adobe Photoshop

Buying software
Some of the software I use can be bought at a discount price at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Bryce 3D software
The latest version of Bryce is available to buy online direct from www.daz3d.com

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How do I find inspiration?

Having problems thinking up new ideas? Even the best artists and writers have difficulty sometimes.
Each one has various ways to solve this problem. My method is to simply find a quiet place to sit or lie down and relax while I try to visualise pictures based around a theme. (see below for a basic list)

Inspiration often comes from a variety of sources. Films, books, magazines and comics. Even news articles based in the real world can often be transposed into some futuristic scenario with a vision of the near or distant future.

Artwork by other artists often inspires me to dream up similar imagery in my own particular style.
Check out the list of artists in the
links section and visit their sites to see what others are doing.

If you get stuck for ideas hereís a list of possibilities that should help you get started. By combining two or more of these themes you may come up with something new thatís rarely been done before.

Basic scenarios

Paradise worlds

Alien explorers

Spaceships in flight

Futuristic transport systems

Spacecraft wreckage

Alien beasts of burden

Time travellers

Robotic workers

Insectoid aliens

Swamp creatures

Combat squadrons

Giant creatures

Spacemen carrying out repairs

Desert worlds

Underwater worlds

Tropical worlds

Aliens fighting aliens

Spacemen fighting aliens

Gaseous space clouds

Flying winged creatures

Giant machines

Sea creatures

Androids in jeapordy

Alien creatures being hunted

Futuristic arena game

Warships in battle

Trapped alien

Ufo attack

Micro size humans

Space station


Now take a theme and imagine a scene....


Spaceman trapped in a giant spiders web....

Prisoner escaping from a prison guarded by robots....

Alien spacecraft being attacked by giant flying winged creatures....

Get the idea?

Just close your eyes and imagine the scene. Keep it in your mindís eye and scribble out a rough composition, then seperately sketch out a few more details of the important elements in the scene.

With the basic elements down on paper you can then bring them together to make a finished sketch on which to base your final design.

Donít worry if your artistic skills are not of a high standard. As long as you can draw some of the simple
basic shapes and some stick figures if using figures in your scene, that will do for a start.

If you prefer to get your inspiration from other peopleís artwork rather than using your own imagination, then click here to find a selection of links to some great artistic and photographic images.


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