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Free 3D models
All the models on this page are made available in .3ds format which can be imported into the 3D rendering program Bryce (Versions 4 and later) as well as some versions of Vue d Esprit.

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3d Art galleries
Check out some of the latest artwork produced using Bryce and some of our 3D models
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Buying software
Some of the software I use can be bought at a discount price at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Bryce 3D software
The latest version of Bryce is available to buy online direct from www.daz3d.com

Find more sf artwork at


Free 3D models for Bryce and other 3D programs

Become a member of 3D spacemodels and get access to hundreds of 3D models

The 3D models seen in the pictures below are just some of the many FREE models we have available when you become a member of 3D Spacemodels. The models are suitable for use in Bryce and other 3D software programs which can import .3ds and .lwo files. All models are available to download in a zipped file format so you’ll need a program such as the free utility IZArc or Winzip to unzip them.

Some examples of the models available....




Click here to see some of the latest artwork produced using our 3D models and Bryce software

The Spacejetters 3D models collection seen above are available in the .3ds file format. The models come without textures allowing more flexibility to create your own designs. However, if you download any of the  Bryce templates we have available you can save the materials that have been used on the models in the templates and import them into Bryce for use with other models in your designs. See beginners tutorial

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