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3D Tutorials
Here are some simple tutorials to help you get familiar with using Bryce 3D software to create your first sci-fi / fantasy pictures using the Spacejetters 3D models and templates.

Buying software
Some of the software I use can be bought at a discount price at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Bryce 3D software
The latest version of Bryce is available to buy online direct from www.daz3d.com

3d Art galleries
Check out some of the latest artwork produced using Bryce and some of our 3D models
Show me the art galleries



Find more sf artwork at


Make a sci-fi screensaver

Ever fancied designing your own screensaver? Itís certainly not difficult.

There are plenty of good screensaver building software packages available on the net. One which I have personally used and found very simple to use is the 2D + 3D screensaver maker. This product has some great features including options to create a slideshow screensaver, a movie screensaver

The 2D + 3D screen saver maker is suitable for Windows 95/98, 2000, ME,NT, XP and Vista. It provides over 130 transition effects and you can also add music (either mp3, wav or .mid sound files) to accompany the pictures. You can also use the screensaver software to build an executable file (.exe) which can be shared with others, or sell as shareware if you wish.

Click here for more details

See below for a screenshot of the user interface.


Creating your own screensaver can be very satisfying when you see your artistic creations appear on the screen in a slideshow presentation accompanied by music.

Itís a great way to share your artwork with your friends or anyone connected to the internet if you make it available to download.

You can find two of the Spacejetters screensavers
I made using my own artwork

For more details of the 2D + 3D screen saver click here. Or follow the links below for other screen saver software building software available online. (most products are shareware)

Screen Saver Maker

Ultra Screen Saver Maker

iEasy Screensaver Station

Acme Photo Screensaver Maker


Screensaver Factory

Axialis Professional Screensaver Producer

Easy Slideshow Screensaver Maker

Digital Photos Screensaver Maker

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Digital Sci-fi Art

Sf & fantasy art books

Thereís a lot of good books in publication on the subject of sci-fi and fantasy art. Some of which will help you with your art techniques and give you some good ideas on what to draw.

 Recommended books

Get paid to draw
Make money with your digital artwork by selling your drawings on the internet.

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