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3D Art Gallery

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Bryce tutorials

Beginners tutorial

This tutorial uses a step-by-step approach demonstrating how to import models into Bryce, then use those models to create an interesting and dynamic composition to create impressive artwork quickly and easily.

Most of the techniques we use here can easily be adapted by 3D artists and modelers using other programs, providing they are familiar with the software being used.


‘Designing Armageddon’ tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the modelling features found in Bryce in combination with other models.

Only one model was used for this picture. The remaining objects are made up from primitives found in the ‘create palette’ found in the Bryce user interface.


Creating a futuristic city

This tutorial shows you how you can create a futuristic city with Bryce primitives and add other models to develop a theme, then use forced perspective and camera angles to make your pictures more interesting.

Plus, you will also learn more about how to make effective use of the tools found in the ‘edit’ menu of Bryce.


Creating an alien landscape

This tutorial shows how to create an alien landscape using a few quick and easy to follow techniques using
Bryce 3D software.



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