3D beginner tutorial

This 3d beginner tutorial uses a step-by-step approach demonstrating how to import models into Bryce. We then use those models to create an interesting and dynamic composition to create an impressive sci-fi scene quickly and easily.

Most of the techniques we use here can easily be adapted by 3D artists and modelers using other programs, if they are familiar with the software being used.

The software used in this tutorial includes Bryce Pro 7 (available from ww.daz3d.com) plus a graphics program with airbrush features, such as Adobe Photoshop. Paintshop Pro, Gimp or a similar graphics program can be used instead if Photoshop is not available.


3D fighters

How to create a futuristic city

This tutorial shows you how you to create a futuristic city with Bryce primitives and add other models to develop a theme. Forced perspective and certain camera angles can then used to make your pictures look more interesting.


Making a 3D city

World's End

Imagine a World about to be destroyed by a huge asteroid. What means of escape would be available?

If the World is inhabited by an advanced civilisation with the capability of spaceflight, it would seem to be the only solution. Unless the asteroid could be destroyed in time through a highly advanced defensive system. But might that depend on the size of the asteroid? Perhaps, but for our illustration, fleeing from the doomed planet seems the only choice.

Coming up with an idea or a theme for your subject is a good starting point for designing a piece of art. Rough drawings can be done on paper if it helps as a reference.


World's end

Creating an alien landscape

This tutorial describes how to create an alien landscape using quick and easy techniques, then add a couple of models to make it more interesting.