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Science fiction illustration

How would you like to create your own sci-fi artwork and impress your friends with your amazing, perhaps yet undiscovered artistic talents?

Can’t even draw a good stick figure? Don’t worry, with our simple tutorials you can learn how to produce some great pictures that you can truly be proud of. All you need is your computer and some easy to obtain 3D software that is incredibly good fun to use.

In no time at all you'll be churning out some great sci-fi illustrations that you can print out, have framed, hang on your wall or use to illustrate your own sci-fi stories or graphic novels.

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3D space models & tutorials

Get free access to a selection of our 3D space models and 3D tutorials and discover a new hobby that makes it easy for beginners in art to create exciting and professional artwork with ease. Even children will find it easy to follow along and produce amazing pictures they can be proud of.

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Complete beginners start here

’Speedy Space Art’ is the term I have given to producing sci-fi imagery using the popular 3D rendering program Bryce and the 3D modelling techniques I use to create my sci-fi designs.

The quickest way for beginners to get up to speed is to use one of our ready-made templates that can be imported into Bryce and follow our beginners tutorial. For the more advanced 3D artist there are some fantastic models available from Daz3D which can be used with Poser and Bryce. (Latest version 7 now available)

Daz are also currently offering some excellent 3D models at discount prices, plus a very good range of alternative 3D software packages